We Tried It: Kink Alchemy’s Whipped Shea Butter Recipe

By 4chairchick


At 4cHC, we love a good DIY recipe – that’s why when we learned about Taymer Mason’s Kink Alchemy book full of DIY beauty recipes inspired by Caribbean island hair growth secrets, we couldn’t resist.

I sampled Taymer’s whipped Shea butter recipe because it appeared to come together a little differently than most other whipped Shea butter tutorials I’ve seen online.  In fact, my main motivation for giving it a try is that Taymer herself shared with me that the difference between her recipe and others online is your whipped Shea butter will not stiffen back up after 24 hours.

That’s a lofty claim – and here’s why.

Have you ever tried to make whipped Shea butter following a recipe you found online, and ended up with a small disaster on your hands?

I have. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve followed various “whipped fluffy Shea butter” tutorials and ended up with an awesome, soft butter at first. And the next day? Stiff as a board, and super difficult to scoop out of the jar and use.

With those not-so-great experiences in mind, I was on a quest to find a whipped Shea butter recipe where the consistency …read more

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