Raising a Confident Daughter in a Changing America

By 4chairchick


When it comes to Black fathers being present in the home, mainstream media would like to paint a dismal picture filled with tales of skipped child support payments, baby daddy drama, perpetual incarceration, and general absentee-ism. Although many of us personally know these things to be untrue, sometimes it takes a “reputable” source such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to publish a study before everyone takes notice – and affirms what we knew all along.

In fact, the National Health Statistics Report focused on Fathers’ Involvement with Their Children: United States, 2006 – 2010 published by the CDC in December 2013 virtually shatters the myth of the absent Black father. For starters, when it comes to daily activities like playing, clothing, feeding, and bathing, Black fathers are statistically on par with or outperform their white and Latino counterparts.

Even those Black fathers living outside of the home are more likely to visit their children more frequently, contribute financially, and play a more active role inside their children’s life – even more than white or Latino fathers.

Again, no surprises here for us. But if you want to check out the CDC report, click here.

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