New Naturals: Create Your OWN Wash-Day Routine

By 4chairchick

African American woman using a laptop in her living room

Growing up, I had friends that washed their hair every morning or every other day. By comparison, my wash days were rare – with my mom washing my hair bi-weekly or once a month if I had braids in.

When I returned to natural after ditching my relaxer, one of the first things I had to unlearn about caring for my hair was that water is “bad.”

I soon discovered that was the farthest thing from the truth.

Not only does our hair love water – it needs it. Heaps of it.  Growing healthy natural hair requires you to create a regular wash routine for your hair. No more going 3 to 6 weeks without your hair touching water!

In this post, I’m going to share with you how you can use YouTube to help you craft a wash day routine that fits the needs of your hair, plus a few supplies that’ll really come in handy on wash day.

Use YouTube as a Resource and Not a Blueprint

As a new natural it’s very tempting to hop on YouTube and copy+paste the wash day routine of a YouTuber that you think has hair like yours.  Trust me, I know. I did it – and I learned firsthand that in most …read more