Here’s What’s Covered in Emory University’s “The Power of Black Self Love” Course

By Elle

via Emory

When I was a child, negative talk about being black was so common in media and society that I eventually became desensitized to it – I figured, “It is what it is,” and doubted attempts to publicize black beauty and empowerment, thinking it was up to the individual to move past or get over these negative perceptions. Fortunate to no longer feel that way, I was excited to see Emory University offering a course in “The Power of Black Self-Love” as part of their  Interdisciplinary Exploration and Scholarship (IDEAS) program.

The course was created by Dianne Stewart and Donna Troka, adjunct assistant professor in Emory’s Institute for the Liberal Arts (ILA) and associate director for the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence (CFDE), exploring topics such as the influence of “Black Twitter” over the past decade, the impact of social media on the Black Lives Matter movement, and phenomenon of “Black Girl Magic.” They decided to co-teach the course after hearing their students’ experiences in their courses – Stewart’s “Black Love” and Troka’s “Resisting Racism.”

via Emory

Troka recalls the discussions in class:

“These are some amazingly sharp …read more